Wednesday, February 29, 2012

project 360: week 8

This week started out with colds (no pictures) and then well, I sewed, Aaron worked and we ate in between. 

Concentrating on sewing NOT on my annoying husband trying to take pictures of my double chin.

Pan fried steak as we only have a charcoal grill which doesn't cook well in winter. This is a very close second best to grilled steak though.

Yards and yards of fabric.

We really need to take bump pictures during the day when the lighting doesn't create blurry pictures. Oh well. I've stopped counting how far along I am. The bump is just big and slowing me down. Baby should arrive beginningish of april though:)

The big quilt is DONE!!!! Now on to shams and the matching wee baby quilt.


Shelley said...

OK I LOVE the quilt and LOVE the baby bump, YOU my dear look AMAZING! You are one of those CUTE preggo girls!! Thanks for the updates!!

Katie said...

Love(!) the colours in the quilt! Can't wait to see the mini version!

Julia Badgley said...

Huge congratulations to you both!