Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Project 360: Week 7

I was bad this past week- Aaron and I were both sick, all I did was work on the quilt (how many pictures do you want to see of that?!) and our church was hosting a bible conference. So I only have a couple pictures!

Every wednesday there is a market in Dearborn, MI that has AMAZING deals on fruits and veggies, so we went there to stock up on produce for the conference. It's such an interesting place! We also found a new market that just opened and here's a photo of it. (Dearborn has the highest Arab population outside of the middle east- so I'm told.)

I'm pregnant, uncomfortable and I hate getting my feet and pants wet. Therefore baggy sweatpants tucked into rain boots make perfect sense for grocery shopping. (Sorry the photo's so dark- Aaron didn't use the flash and it was dark.)

We hit up an outlet mall and found all of these baby clothes for 10 bucks!!!!! (And no- we have no idea what gender we are having!)


Kylie said...

I'm not pregnant, and wear sweatpants and rain boots to the store haha. Love the cute clothes, I am particularly fond of outlet malls.

krista said...

hehe i love your baby clothes haul.