Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Half Term

The second Half Term has come and gone. (Even though this is a mathematical impossibility I hasten to assure you that it is an actual event.) It started Thursday afternoon and ended Saturday at the same time.

I have attacked and conquered the flying fox. It was a raging success. Rather scary the first time, but even after landing on outstretched arms (still have bruises) I went a grand total of five times. I was even brave enough to let Jeanette take some pictures!

Played three-on-three ball hockey during the heat of the day and burnt my face to a crisp.

One of the tubes going down the river carried myself. There were no pictures taken of this momentous occasion so you will have to use your imagination. Picture me outstretched on a gigantic rubber tube with arms and legs flailing trying to steer the stupid thing clear of trees, roots, reeds and other obstacles. Needless to say I hit every single one with shrieks of excitement. It was so great I went twice.

The above, coupled with a number of rounds of 'Pom-Pom-Pull-Away' and other such games, made it difficult to walk, raise my arms above my head and just generally move. I ached.

Sunday: We took a 20 minute walk to the closest church for worship service. The afternoon was a time of rest, relaxation and Settlers.

Monday: Leah needed to have her work permit stamped so we walked into town with Joyce, she kindly gave us language lessons. Joyce a lovely, local lady with quite a life story who cleans here at the school. We were so thankful that she was with us as white people going into the village create quite a stir and what with cultural differences it's always hard to know how to greet people properly without causing offence. We left here around 1:15 and didn't get home until 5:00. I now have a backpack tan on my arms.

All this week is spiritual emphasis week. There's a couple from up north who've come to teach the children and they are simply wonderful! Full of life, new ideas and the solid gospel. They are doing the morning sessions on Philippians using 'Captain Book' and 'Madame Castaway'.

No emailing outside of the email address here at the school until the beginning of April. Bye!


cand said...

it sounds like an extended session of camp!!! even tubing!!

this is maybe an ignorant question, but how did you know there were no alligators or crocodiles?

Gab said...

Hi Angelina! finally an update! I keep forgetting how HOT and summerish it is out there. Tan? what's a tan? I forgot what a tan was until you mentioned it...

I didn't get what you meant about the emailing? I sent you an email with pictures of the very pregnant Rachelle a few minutes ago - to your mts and hotmail addresses. I hope you get them! Pictures of Rachelle are rare!!

BTW, I "met" your cousin Caitlin from Thunder Bay on Facebook.com. I had no idea who she was but she introduced herself to me. Apparently she's going out to Africa in September too.

Anyway, take care and enjoy the last of your days in Africa. I guess your trip to Europe is coming up fast. HAVE FUN!

Mr T said...

A search of Strong's Concordance produces no listings for 'Captain Book' and 'Madame Castaway'.

Maybe they were eaten by crocodiles.

Georgia said...

Hey Angelina...so glad to hear that you FINALLY went on the flying fox...so great that thing is. Anyway Bromwell and I are fine...although he has gotten to the stage of being really playful and shredded my African Violet. I was not impressed. Other than that, one more day and it is Spring Break. How fabulous is that??? Pretty fabulous to me. Keep having a wonderful time...probably didn't need to tell you that, but all the same, take care and until later......Georgia

carla said...

it's good to hear from you again. i was imagining the worst possible things had happened to you. i was sure we would be getting a call you were deathly sick or something!! i'm glad it's only exhaustion...:-) love you

Pop said...

Hi Angelina, sounds very interesting. I see what you mean about the math part of it, if half the term is 3 days, then the full term would be 6 days and you should have been done by now! Hmmmm.

And pom-pom-pull-away, I can't imagine playing that without skates and ice!