Thursday, May 3, 2007

fashion observations

While shopping in Edinbourgh I took note of two of the major style trends.

For ladies maternity tops are everywhere! Perfect for days when one intends to stretch those stomach muscles by extending them as far as possible. (I even bought a jacket using these guidlines!)

For guys the must have of the season is belted skinny jeans worn at precisely mid-hip with several inches of ‘pant’ billowing out the top.

If neither of these options is particularly appealing to your sensitivity a good rule of thumb would be: Full and billowy.


cand said...

you've been gone too long. everyone over here is already wearing maternity tops

Georgia said...

I would have to agree with Candace....because even I have seen the maternity tops. :) Keep on enjoying your trip.

Mr T said...

You must understand that Edinburgh is a barren wilderness where only unsuspecting tourists venture.

Tomorrow our intrepid hero visits the City of Glasgow, where Armani, Ralph Lauren and Prada sit side by side. She will be paying 10 bucks for a cappuccino before the day is done and will have orange shoes to go with her new dress and sleek mane of hair.

krista said...

yeah! i almost BOUGHT a maternity top!

Suz said...

well I hate to tell yah Krista, but als is very serious about buying a maternity top!

sms said...

ACK. als, don't u dare.