Monday, May 7, 2007


Our hostess is descrbing England in a paragraph for me in a posh, English accent, "England is a lovely, sunny place and it only rains to freshen up the grass. It is very beautiful, especially Wales. You really will regret it if you don't go there. The sea! Oh, it's just so lovely! It's so nice. The hills behind you and the sea crashing in front of you."

Disclaimer: Wales is not a part of England.


katie said...

you really must go and see wales! what we told you is true i don't think you can see such beautiful landscapes anywhere else in britain! we will miss you but i hope you have a nice time on the rest of your trip!

cand said...

as we speak, or rather, as i type, it is 29 degrees in winnipeg. if you want sunny, you'd better just come home

Gab said...

bring the fashion here Angelina, show it as it is (or should be)! I'm totally down with maternity tops. As the very-skinny clerk at Smart Set told me yesterday, "yeah, you should get 'empire waist' shirts if you don't want to wear tight-fitting t-shirts - you know, on days where you're feeling bloated and such". I was buying t-shirts there and had to get a LARGE! Problem is, I don't think it's a question of feeling "bloated" on certain days. I think what she means is CHUBBY around the waist. So please, start the maternity trend. I think I could use that style to my advantage. :)
Thanks so much for the postcard! My mom couldn't get over how impressed she was by your miniscule writing. She said she can't even imagine writing that small. You've got a new talent! Perfect for postcard writing.

Suzie said...

Just so you all know, we dropped als off at the train this morning, so she should be in L by now!