Monday, January 10, 2011

Civil War Musters

This post is for the Canadians- did you know that Americans have Civil War reenactments all over the USA? Weird right?!

Normal people make it their hobby to collect items from that time period and then they dress up and take part in the battles and the encampments behind the battle lines. There's the amputation tent, dress maker shops, candy shops, blacksmith shops, little kids running around in period costume, ladies in massive dresses with hope skirts taking photos with digital cameras, cannon's going off, cavalry, sand bags, filth, hand made goods, milliner shops, artillery, army, and all different ranks. And they all do this voluntarily. Some people even take their summers and travel to all the different musters as participants! Double weird.

One of Aaron's life long ambitions has been to participate in one (or two, three, four... etc). To have his whole family decked out in period custom and him waving a pistol and winning some glorious (or not so glorious) battle. Right. What have I married?!


lyd_1204 said...

Wait until you see Chicago's CelticFest. At least the Civil War reenactments don't include barely-there kilts.

Kammy Wielenga said...

HAHA, I love the civil war muster! However, I'm always found it quite odd that people devote their summers (lives?!) to this as well. And Aaron, oh Aaron. Why doesn't this surprise me??