Monday, March 21, 2011

whip cream response

I am back home. Oh my is it nice. I have a new appreciation for when my sisters leave their husbands to come visit me! However I am so thankful that I was able to head north and see some of my extended family- although under sad circumstances.

So ya'll want to hear about Aaron's life? Mine's too boring? At least I don't give you play by plays of my laundry day. I could post a total burn of him but I can't. See, he washed dishes for me before I came home.

I actually have had more views on how to make home made microwave popcorn than Aaron got on his sew-sew post! I did get way less comments though. FYI- the post with the most views and most comments is our almost finished living room. I agree.

Aaron's fine with me sewing "junk and stuff" (even if he mocks me) and I love doing it. It feels more loving somehow when you give gifts that you've made. Haha- my mom sent us some home made perogies back when my sister came to visit. They were so good. They just take FOREVER to make and the store bought ones?! Disgusting. Back in Winnipeg there are some Ukrainian woman who make them and sell them. Those ones are all right. Aaron begs me to make them, "why can't you make perogies all day instead of sew?"

The reason Aaron beat the whip cream with a fork when my kitchen aid mixer is on the "counter" beside him???! He didn't want to dirty any extra dishes. Nice. This is what he needs:

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